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Owner and operator Tim Greving enjoys his work and takes pride in a job well done. Any questions you have will be answered in a courteous manner to ensure you fully understand your septic system and any maintenance or repair services it may need. Call today to ask any questions and schedule your FREE estimate!

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How a septic system works

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A: When waste water enters the tank, it is "digested" anaerobically - meaning bacteria in the tank decompose solid waste and separates it from liquid waste. That's why the use of certain chemicals, or too much water - can effect your system. Waste that is not decomposed eventually needs to be pumped out regularly - we recommend every 3 years.

Q: How does my septic system work?

A: Over time, solid waste not digested in the system settles to the bottom of the tank forming a layer of “sludge." The average tank has enough room to accommodate about 3 years worth of sludge. Septic tanks should be pumped out at least every 3 years to prevent sludge from building up and eventually exiting the tank, causing damage to your drain field. Ignoring this rule of thumb can be a costly mistake resulting in your system having to be replaced.

Q: How often should I have my septic tank pumped?

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A: Regular, timely cleaning of the septic tank is key to preventing complications, but if you notice a gurgling or "burping" in your plumbing fixtures or a sluggish toilet or drain that just doesn't seem right, it may be time to have your tank cleaned out. Uncovering the septic tank and inspecting it will tell if the problem is related to your septic system or your home’s plumbing.

Q: What are some signs I might notice that would tell me it's time to service my septic tank?

A: The main cause of septic back up is not pumping out your system on a regular basis (once every 2-3 years). However, several other instances can cause issues:

Q: What could cause my septic tank to back up?

  • Flushing non-biodegradable objects such as flushed items, hair, etc., that can get lodged in the pipes.

  • Use of solvents and chemicals down your drains can reduce the natural decomposition of the solid wastes in the tank, causing the level of sludge to rise. Some cleaners and chemicals can damage your septic tank and should be properly disposed of.

  • Excessive disposal of oils and grease may cause your drains to block and are not digested easily in the septic tank.

  • Garbage disposals can be used with septic systems, but should be used with restraint to prevent unnecessary strain on the septic system.

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